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Guide: How to Print your Digital Goods

Getting a printable invitation design is the first step in giving a good impression to your guests. Likewise, printable wall art give a personal touch to your spaces. In this brief guide I will tell you about steps to follow to turn your digital goods into beautiful printed materials.

Whether you want to print at home or order your prints from a local print shop, I intend to answer your questions to print successfully.


Home Printing

I make my designs with home printing in mind hoping it will be a fun DIY project that anyone can do. For home printing, you will need: -A quality printer -Paper * (bond, cardboard, satin paper, or other) -Ruler -Craft Cutting Knife -Any base or cutting mat -A paper cutter (optional) -Scissors (optional) * I recommend using thick cardboard paper. Make sure your printer accepts this type of paper.


Print Shop If you don't have a printer you can print at a local or online print center. In general, the printing centers will deliver in a short time and in good quality. In these places they offer the cutting service at low cost, ask when printing.


I usually send the files ready to print when the size is less than 8.5x11 inches. This means that I add a cut line guide in a light color that is easy for you to cut. It looks something like this:

In this video I show you the next step after printing. Applies to frames and invitations.


When you have your invitations printed in the desired size, I recommend buying envelopes that match the design. To put the names in the envelopes I offer the service of personalized labels.

Wall Art

You can reuse an old photo frame you have at home or buy one at your favorite department store. If you feel comfortable shopping online you can buy from Amazon.

Recommended sizes for framing based on space are as follows:

4x6 inches Recommended for: Desk, nightstand, bathroom shelf, refrigerator.

5x7 inches Recommended for: Desk, chest drawers, medium shelfs.

8x10 inch Recommended for: Place on a wall, shelf, entry table, closet island.

Do you have questions about this service? Contact me!

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